To Begin...

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Blog Post #1

Starting anything new has always been complex for me. On the one hand there is excitement, anticipation and the promise of a challenge but on the other there is often anxiety about the challenge and fear of unknown results. 

In the aggregate, change, in any form, can be transformative. It is the potential that change offers that I want to address. I recently got a puppy. This is Norman. formally, General Norman Snortzcough and the second love of my life (husband and kids first). 


A new puppy has been both a delight and an challenge of the highest degree. 

 Just as a new family member can bring both joy and anxiety, changes to the spaces we live in and occupy regularly can be just as fraught. 

The goal of my blog is to suggest change to improve our living and working environments that are well worth the work (physical and emotional) that it takes to make it happen.

Stay tuned to this blog space to see ways that change can be positively transformative.  

I look forward to seeing you here again soon.